Entrepreneurial management practices play a pivotal role in taking entrepreneurial knowledge and utilizing it towards innovation and talent development, ultimately creating growth and increasing the effectiveness of both new business venturing as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). EM4FIT investigates entrepreneurship and related management practices from an interdisciplinary and multi-level angel as important variables in the interplay between individual, organization and institutional contexts within and between advanced and emerging markets.

EM4FIT aims to better understand entrepreneurial management practices both from an individual (intra-organisational) as well as comparative market perspective (inter-organisational). Research will be carried out with an emphasis on the impact of institutions and context on the EU. With the exchange among 16 partners from four continents and between the academic and non-academic sector, EM4FIT brings together knowledge from advanced as well as emerging markets to further understand how entrepreneurs and managers create successful businesses and foster growth. The generated knowledge will be disseminated around the world to enhance the impact of the European entrepreneurial spirit.

Involving 67 researchers, managers, technical and administrative staff, the EM4FIT involves seven work packages (WP). In addition to project management and communication, dissemination and outreach activities, five WPs focus on research, training and dissemination at multiple levels: institutional-organizational-individual. With this project structure and the competitive capability of 16 partners involved, EM4FIT will generate high impact both in terms of research excellence and societal engagement. The mix between non-academic and academic participants is designed to create knowledge relevant for businesses and society alike.