Work Package 5

Synthesis of Results and Findings for the EU and Entrepreneurship Education

The objective of this work package is to gather, analyse and synthesise the results and findings from WP1 to WP4. Following up on the “Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020” (European Commission, 2012) this work package will focus on two main domains influencing entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial culture in the EU: First, we aim to identify policy recommendation for EU institutions on entrepreneurial management practices that foster innovation and talent development. In this regard, our focus will be on institutional barriers and promotors of entrepreneurship in (European) advanced and emerging markets and possible differences between these economies. Second, we aim to develop implications and best practice training elements for entrepreneurship education at universities and business school to unleash a new generation of entrepreneurs that support societal growth and business creation.

There will be secondments implemented by SDU and AUI related to the activities of this task. The other academic partners will contribute to this WP through their expertise. The non-academic partners will contribute with their experience and knowledge on counselling entrepreneurs and on entrepreneurship education.